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We Help Co-working spaces, Hubs, Shared Offices, Private Offices, Exotic Restaurants, Cafes & Lounges manage, monetize and market their spaces

Workspace Management Solution Tailored to your needs

Digitize & Track Important Metrics

Workspace management solution to keep tabs on subscriptions, manage users of your workspace, check-in & exit times and complains lodging

Events broadcasting, posting, and invitation systems for co-working So you can track community impact and keep historical events records

Virtual identification systems to verify subscribers and subscription status

Maximize Workspace Profits

Financial Management tools to receive payments, track subscription rates, track workspace related expenditures, financial reports, and forecastings

Zero Upfront cost to use our solution, and it is always free for you to use

Internal and External Board rooms and Meeting rooms’ bookings, payment and management

Manage People and Processes

Internet Access Management, device management, and analytics

Guest management systems to invite, verify and manage guest visitations to subscribers in your workspace locations

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